• Cartoon Dinosaur Costume


    Cartoon Dinosaur Costume

    Despite the sharp teeth and lifelike face, Ourcartoon dinosaur costume does great with children. The most popular baby puppets are T-Rex, Triceratops and Brachiosaurus.These beasts with customized sound, texture, color and massive teeth are superbly exciting to have at any event!They thrive at birth...

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  • Traveling Dinosaur Show


    Traveling Dinosaur Show

    Traveling dinosaur show---means that some event planners, dinosaur enthusiasts, or some performance companies travel around their cities or even all over the world with their dinosaur properties, to show people kinds of wonderful performance. Usually their dinosaur properties including dinosaur cost...

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  • Which Dinosaur Is The Longest Dinosaur?


    Which Dinosaur Is The Longest Dinosaur?

    When we mention longest dinosaur, what do you think about this word? Maybe you will think Mamenchisaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus. Thats right, these are the more common dinosaurs. But they are not the longest dinosaurs. Lets take a look at the top ten dinosaurs. Top 10: Mamenchisaurus. Its body l...

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  • Ocean Dinosaur


    Ocean Dinosaur

    Deeply under the sea, there are many mystery buried and occurred. There are many dinosaurs living in the depths of the ocean. And they are the overlords in the ocean, mainly including Ichthyosauria, Mosasaurus, and plesiosaurs. Strictly speaking, they are not belong to dinosaurs. But people tend to ...

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  • Dinosaur Prank Velociraptor Costume


    Dinosaur Prank Velociraptor Costume

    Have you even seen those kind of prank videos on Youtube? A dinosaur or many dinosaurs suddenly jump out, in the garage, in the supermarket, in random coners. Those kind of jump scare really can got a lot of innocent visitors.But take a deep look at the suits, are they familiar to you? They are dino...

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  • The Brief History of Making One Dinosaur Model


    The Brief History of Making One Dinosaur Model

    Nowadays lots of dinosaur models can be seen all over the world, such as Jurassic park, amusement park, resort, shopping mall etc. But do you know the developing history of making a dinosaur model. In 1988, in order to develop the characteristic tourism of Zigong city. Ceramics dinosaur model was cr...

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  • Artificial Lifelike Animatronic Dinosaur Predators


    Artificial Lifelike Animatronic Dinosaur Predators

    Famous Dinosaur Predators Whats the most impressive dinosaur in movies? It must be some dinosaur predator , I think. In this article Id like to share some knowledge of those famous predators. Tyrannosaurus Rex A adult t-rex is about 11.5-14.7m, it is known as the pest carnivorous dinosaur( not the b...

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  • Dinosaur Baby Hand Puppet


    Dinosaur Baby Hand Puppet

    Dinosaur puppet suitis a dinosaur that reduces conventional dinosaurs to smaller ones. Dinosaur puppet suit, like other arms puppets, are used for performance to attractive kids. Although the babydinosaurpuppet is very small, it can also have vivid movements the same as big ones. And the control met...

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  • Where Did Dinosaurs Live


    Where Did Dinosaurs Live

    Hey, everybody! I think everyone is no stranger to dinosaurs. Such as T-rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurusand so on. These famous dinosaurs are loved by many people. Maybe they watch dinosaur movies, visit dinosaur parks and museums. Even some people buy dinosaurs models to put in their home. But do yo...

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  • Gaint Man-made Dinosaur Suit


    Gaint Man-made Dinosaur Suit

    If you are a dinosaur lover ,you must get familiar to realistic dinosaur suit now. But did you had seen a 8m long giant dinosaur suit? Today ,I will introduce you the giant dinosaur suit we made. To be honest , we are not the first one to make giant dinosaur suit. The first giant dinosaur suit showe...

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