• Interesting Interactive Velociraptor Costume Scene In Malaysia


    Interesting Interactive Velociraptor Costume Scene In Malaysia

    A group of tourists with strong curious heart enter the dinosaur maze, to explore the unknown surprise. Some pleasant laughing of kids appeared from the maze, but a few seconds later, suddenly a crime emerged with trampling from the maze, it seems to be they are scared by something. Those tourists a...

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  • Baby Dinosaur Robot


    Baby Dinosaur Robot

    How to choose a significant gift for your kids? LEGO? Barbie doll ? No no no!!! A baby dinosaur robot will be your best choice.. Learning the dinosaur knowledge while having fun; Role playing while operating the robot. It will not only bring joys to your kids, but also encourage them to imagine, to ...

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  • The Brief History of Animatronics


    The Brief History of Animatronics

    Animatronicsrefers to the use ofroboticdevices to emulate a human or an animal, or bring lifelike characteristics to an otherwise inanimate object. Nowadays lots of animatronics can be seen all over the world, such as Jurassic park, amusement park, resort, shopping mall etc. But do you know the deve...

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  • Animal Sculpture in Orlinski Spirit


    Animal Sculpture in Orlinski Spirit

    Recent years, Orlinski spirit as a new style of sculpture, has been well known by many artists all over the world. This style is named of Richard Orlinski, the sculptor who breaks the rules. For several years now, Richard Orlinski created his own universe with the animals that fascinated him: crocod...

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  • World-famous Zigong Lantern Exhibition


    World-famous Zigong Lantern Exhibition

    Chinese lanterns are famous for both ancient and modern times, and the lanterns of Zigong are a collection of Chinese lamp culture. They are known as the first light in the world. The Zigong Lantern Festival is famous for its high cultural quality, rich lighting and fine art, distinctive artistic fe...

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  • The Stage Play "Dinosaur Zoo" for Children


    The Stage Play "Dinosaur Zoo" for Children

    Recently, the popular science drama Dinosaur Zoo brought by the Australian universal group was staged at the Shanghai Childrens Theatre, creating a vivid theater class for children to understand the mysteries of prehistoric creatures and nature. The stage show shows animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex , w...

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  • Crocodile Statue in Wyndham


    Crocodile Statue in Wyndham

    Types of tourist attractions: places of interest Address: via Koolinda Street , Wyndham , Western Australia , 6740 If you like the entrance sign of a large town, you will fall in love with the huge crocodile statue of Wyndham. As long as you enter this historic port town, you will never miss the fri...

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  • How We Design the Dinosaur Theme Park


    How We Design the Dinosaur Theme Park

    Many investors and governments spend much energy on designing a special and perfect theme park there, and the following suggestions are related to the design. Firstly, adaption to local condition. Which means design the park according to the land based its terrain. For example, if the terrain is ups...

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  • Why Do We Need to Animatronic Animal Models


    Why Do We Need to Animatronic Animal Models

    In todays society, we will see many simulated animal models in different museums or zoos. These animal models look realistic, just like real animals. The animal model allows students or people in need to understand the habits of the animal or obtain other information through the model. This is very ...

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  • Attractive Dino Ride for Children


    Attractive Dino Ride for Children

    The dinosaur rider is a wonderful product to make a combination of entertainment and viewing. It can be placed in a park to attract tourists, and it can also be placed in a square for childrens entertainment. The dinosaur rider is usually small, not huge as simulated dinosaurs, but it is look nice a...

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