• School Play Get One Gorilla Costume


    School Play Get One Gorilla Costume

    Do you dream of playing with gorilla? For animal lovers, it is really pleasant to interact with their favorite animal in costumes play. Besides, the show event welcomes costumes as well, to provide an amazing activity to the audiences, for charity purposes, for commercial events, or for advertising,...

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  • fiberglass marvel statue


    fiberglass marvel statue

    Our fiberglass marvel statues include superman statue, iron man statue, thor statue. ...

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  • Hulk statue


    Hulk statue

    Hulk statue Ive met a superhero lover on Facebook. Firstly I asked him whether he likes our products, I send him a Hulk statue and he loves it. Then I found out he is a 14 years old boy, he said when he grow up and can earn money himself, he will definitely buy products from us. ...

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  • Animal Art Exhibition in Thailand


    Animal Art Exhibition in Thailand

    Ive always like art, art embody soul and express the heart of the artists. Can you see the following pictures, those are the art exhibition we hold in Thailand, the animatronic elephants and other animatronic animals express divine and magnificent. With this show, we attracts thousands visitors and ...

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  • Dinosaur Head Statue for Taking Photo


    Dinosaur Head Statue for Taking Photo

    What would you like to take photos with? This dinosaur head will bring surprise to you! It is different from other photo sites, very innovative and interesting! We could customize the movement as you need, such as mouth open, eyes blinking, making sound, and neck up and down etc. Besides, any other ...

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  • Gorilla costume


     Gorilla costume

    Our newly-made gorilla costume is the best, it can move its fingers, and smoothly walk in every direction. Once is was displayed in a shopping mall, some people are really scared of it, and they think it is real! ...

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  • animatronic insects


     animatronic insects

    Kanosaur Using hand-drawing to create some animatronic insects As a animatronic insects lover, you may clearly know the fabrication of them, and most of fiberglass animatronic insects are finished the color by painting. But you may not know one point that we use hand-drawing to finish the color of so...

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  • Colorful Animal Statue


    Colorful Animal Statue

    It is our new style for your reference. We color them with different colors. They look beautiful. But the process of coloring is difficult, we need to color the product layer by layer. So we will take much time to produce it. We should guarantee the quality of the products. We believe you will satis...

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  • life size animal


    life size animal

    Kanosaur has developed advanced life size animal Kanosaur is always pursuing better products for all of our clients, and recently we have successfully developed an advanced life size animal---life size monkey. It can speak with harmony mouth action, hands and body moving, blink eyes. ...

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  • Touching story - horse statue


    Touching story - horse statue

    There is a real and touching story about fiberglass horses. One of our customer whose husband love horses very much, but her husband died, so she bought two horses and put them in their garden to honor her husband. ...

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