• Meet Penguins Not At The Zoo


    Meet Penguins Not At The Zoo

    If there is no time for us to the South pole, but not very convenient to visit the Zoo all the time, how could we play with penguins? Now there is a feasible solution for us! Bring thesimulatedPenguinto your home or public site no matter the environment is hot or cold, they can stay with us together...

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  • Brachiosaurus



    Believing that many of you have seen the interesting chewing Brachiosaurus before, which was one of our new products focus on our advanced technology. And last week, Kanosaur has hold a topic meeting at a famous ancient town near Chengdu City. The meeting mainly discussed the development of both comp...

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  • Baby dinosaur puppet


    Baby dinosaur puppet

    Do you feel that the life-size dinosaur is too big?Although you are a dinosaur fan, the life-size dinosaur is way out of your league. Then consider our baby dinosaur puppet, it is much easier to handle and much inexpensive than life-size one. And you also can play the hand trick with this puppet. ...

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  • Moving dinosaur head


    Moving dinosaur head

    We just came up with a new technology: moving dinosaur head. Unlike the usual dinosaur head, it can eat grass, breath with its nose, move head and eyes, roar as well. The motors we use are high-end ones. Everything we use will give you the best experience. ...

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  • Customized Your Hulk Statue


    Customized Your Hulk Statue

    We just got some feedback pictures of our hulk statue from our USA customer. It is 2.2 meters in height and 58kg in weight. Our customer only need unpainted version so we send him the products without paint. After got the product, he paints it by himself. This hulk statue is placed in front of our c...

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  • Chinese Dragon Statue


    Chinese Dragon Statue

    A customer from Pakistan owns a store, she bought this Chinese dragon statue from us and put it at the top of the store. This Chinese dragon statue can open and close mouth together with smoke. ...

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  • Big Dino Statue


    Big Dino Statue

    This is a big dino statue-brachiosaurus. We will split the large products into several parts for packaging, for example: neck, body, legs and tail. We can provide you videos to show you how to install it or we can help you to install in your place! contact us :+86 18682655432 ...

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  • A Realistic Experience With One Animatronic Dinosaur


    A Realistic Experience With One Animatronic Dinosaur

    Wow! So amazing, look at what it is! As we live in city all the time, no opportunity for us to explore the wide world, let alone talking about some mysterious creatures existed before on the earth. However, with our animatronic dinosaur , a realistic experience will open your eyes about dinosaur wor...

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  • A dinosaur is around you


    A dinosaur is around you

    There is a legend in a town, if you heard someone call you name, Never answer it . NEVER!! When you answer it ,you will see a dinosaur is around you all the time. Knowing more information about the legend of dinosaur, please call +86 186 8265 5432....

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  • life size dinosaur models


    life size dinosaur models

    Kanosaur delivered a shipment of life size dinosaur models to abroad Last week, a shipment of dinosaur models were delivered to abroad, they were life size models including T-Rex, Triceratops, Oviraptor, Brachiosaurus etc. All those life size dinosaur models were well packed and loaded, and about one...

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