cartoon & figures statues art

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Nowadays, more and more people like to make something special to be the brilliant star locally, one choice from them is to customize a special statue for their malls, parks or even schools.

Normally, the most popular type is cartoon statues for primary school, this is a good choice for little kids, we all have a dream and like the cartoon figures when we are young right? Disney statue or some cartoon we have seen before will take our memory back to the time no worry, just full of happiness.

dolphin statue for sale

Superhero statues usually catch much people’s eyes, with the superhero movie going on, we are respect the nature they have, yearn for their superpower, and our blood become boiled when we see they save people and the world. A figure that we have to talk about is superman, he is not a politician, but concern about the world peace, he is not a rich man, but give his all to who need help. I like him very much. This is why superhero statues have a big market now.

superhero statue for shopping mall

Figure statues not only for superman, but also for other famous guys, like Ironman, Batman, Spiderman and so on.

Ironman statue

We love these statues not because of how famour they are, they are not stars, they have a cool name “Super Hero”, they have the beautiful things of human being. We also concentrate on our work on Bring nature to people’s heart by making statues from the bottom of our heart.