big animatronic stuffed mickey mouse puppet for shopping mall

Author: Percy | Publish time: 2019-03-20 | Views | Share:

Unfortunately a tiny damage happened on the animal puppet, due to the steel rods slid out from the package and insert the plush doll model. Which remind us to pay more attention to the details while shipping. Because the 3 meters tall Mickey doll is hard to be packed in wooden case.

The huge Mickey model would be displayed at a shopping mall, which was a kind of stuffed animal doll. We made it from steel frame inside and sponge to stuff it, and plush cloth was sewed by handmade carefully. It also could be animatronic stuffed model, which means the Mickey can move his head with mouse action, blinking eyes, and moving hands.

hude animatronic mickey mouse puppet

Besides, lots of other animal replicas could be customized from us, we can design and make it as customers’ drawings.