animatronic animal & animal statue from KANOSAUR

Author: Alvis | Publish time: 2019-03-05 | Views | Share:

It’s not easy to continue your own way. Let it go of other one's words. In the last 10 years, we are concentrate on realistic life-size animals, we want to bring the world a brand new “made in China”.

We focus on making more realistic animatronic creatures, we still consider how to make the movements of our animals smooth. Look at this cute stuffed sheep, they are really cute, with the movements of head, mouth, and voice.

life size sheep garden ornaments for sale

If some client required no movements, just a sculpture because a statue is more suitable for a garden decoration they think. What we will do is use our experience to make the texture more real and let it more beautiful. These sheep babies is a good choice for decoration, and this is very cute and can catch everyone’s eyes as a white fairy.

goat statue for outdoor decoration

To be a professional maker, to create beautiful scenery, to bring a new brand “Made in China”, we are always and will still on the way.