World-famous Zigong Lantern Exhibition

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Chinese lanterns are famous for both ancient and modern times, and the lanterns of Zigong are a collection of Chinese lamp culture. They are known as the "first light in the world". The Zigong Lantern Festival is famous for its high cultural quality, rich lighting and fine art, distinctive artistic features and a wide range of lantern festivals. Nowadays, the Zigong Lantern Festival not only popular in China, but also frequently goes abroad to hold the Zigong Light Show overseas to showcase China's colorful lantern culture.

traditional Chinese festival lantern

The Zigong Light Show is full of momentum, the kits are wonderful, the craftsmanship is exquisite, and the local style is strong, which makes the guests stunned. The large-scale lanterns made according to Chinese famous places, classical masterpieces, myths and legends which makes the audiences of all countries marvel at the exquisite beauty of Chinese lanterns and the concept and skill of Zigong people. Hanging in the lighthouse, if you lie under the lights, the guests are like entering a dreamlike realm.

Lantern corridor

The annual lantern festival in Zigong area has a long history and is famous. In the past ten years, it has been known for its unique charm and unique charm. It is famous in China and foreign countries and goes to the world. It is called "one of the three best" in Zigong.In order to carry forward the national culture and promote the exchange and development of the lamp culture, in 1992, with the approval of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Zigong City raised huge sums of money and built the only professional museum in China about the lantern culture in Zigong Lantern Park - China Lantern museum. The China Lantern Museum is a specialized organization for the collection, protection, research and display of Chinese lanterns. It is distinguished by its unique architectural style and rich and informative display content. The establishment of the China Lantern Museum has ended the history of China's thousands of years of lamp culture without special collections and research institutions.

lantern show

Zigong Lantern Festival is famous all over the world for its colorful and endless charm, which attracts so many people.