Why do some simulation dinosaur models move and walk?

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The simulation dinosaur model satisfies all the people's fantasies about dinosaurs. It "resurrects" the vivid dinosaurs in front of us and leads us into an interesting dinosaur world. In some shopping malls, squares, scenic spots, museums, theme parks and amusement parks, we can see the figures of simulated dinosaur models. Some of the simulation models are static, some of them are dynamic, and some of them are very interesting. Why can some simulation dinosaur models move, walk and make a sound?
walking dinosaur

The simulation dinosaur model that can move, walk and make a sound is an interactive product in the simulation dinosaur, which is called walking dinosaur. Walking dinosaurs can usually open their mouths, head left and right, walk and make calls, and can bear about 80kg. The length of a walking dinosaur is about 4 meters. It has coin start, remote start and button start. It is an interactive dinosaur model suitable for all ages.
walking t-rex dinosaur
For the production of walking dinosaurs, steel is used to weld the whole bracket, mechanical parts are installed at the joints of the bracket, then high-density sponge is used to form the dinosaur's appearance, then fiber cloth and silica gel are used to make the skin texture of dinosaurs, and finally eyes, teeth and colors are installed for dinosaurs. This walking dinosaur, which is made of simulated silica gel technology and modern technology, is not only lifelike and tactile, but also kinetic energy walking. It is a very popular interactive dinosaur in the simulation dinosaur model.
interactive dinosaur

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