Which Dinosaur Is The Longest Dinosaur?

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When we mention "longest dinosaur", what do you think about this word? Maybe you will think Mamenchisaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus. That's right, these are the more common dinosaurs. But they are not the longest dinosaurs. Let's take a look at the top ten dinosaurs.
Top 10: Mamenchisaurus. Its body length is about 22 meters. Although it is not the longest dinosaur, it is the longest dragon in the neck. Its greatest feature is its long neck, which is 9 meters and is 3 times the length of the neck of a giraffe!
Top9: Apatosaurus. It is 21 to 23 meters in length.
Top8: Brachiosaurus. Body length is about 23 meters, height is 12 meters.
Top7: Diplodocus. It is 27 meters in length. But the weight is only 12-15 tons.

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Top6: Seismosaurus. It is 29 to 33 meters in length and 22 to 27 tons in weight.
Top5: Sauroposeidon. Up to 30 to 34 meters in length and 17 meters in height.
Top4: Supersaurus. It is 33 to 34 meters in length and weighs 60 tons.
Top3: Argentinosaurus. The body length is 30 to 40 meters. It is a relatively long dinosaur.
Top2: Puertasaurus. It is a huge dinosaur, especially his chest, which can hold an elephant. Body length 35 to 40 meters.
Top1: Amphicoelias. It is the largest and longest dinosaur in the Jurassic Period and the largest animal ever seen on land. It is 40 to 62 meters long.
Now, do you know who is the longest dinosaur? 

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