What’s The Impression That Aquatic Dinosaur Leave To You?

Author: McCollum | Publish time: 2018-05-03 | Views | Share:
While aquatic dinosaur is mentioned, perhaps the scene will immediately appear in our brains---The huge Mosasaur jumps out of the water and pull the Tyrannical dinosaur into the water. This scene was a fragment in the film ‘Jurassic world’. 
Actually, lots of dinosaurs could live in the water, and they preyed fish and other animals. The usual aquatic dinosaur includes plesiosaurs, Mosasaur, Kronosaurus, Elasmosaurus, etc. But we may fall into a misunderstanding that the aquatic dinosaur is always living in the water---No dinosaurs were adapted to an entirely aquatic life, although some may have gone into the water to get prey. 
With the development of material life and spiritual life, the dinosaur culture becomes more and more popular, also the aquatic dinosaur loved by more and more museum, theme park and water park. Complying with the market, Kanosaur devotes craftsman spirit to create some models of aquatic dinosaurs, and they got lots of approving.

artificial plesiosaur in museum
Come on, join us to discuss the topic, tell us your best impression of the aquatic dinosaur.