What can animatronic insect factory do for you?

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What can animatronic insect factory do for you? For many customers, they don't know much about simulation mechanical insects, and they don't know what kind of services can be provided by simulation mechanical insect factory. Now, KANOSAUR answers for you one by one.
animatronic Scorpion

As a simulation machinery and insect production factory, Zigong Dinosaur production factory is engaged in the design and production of all kinds of simulation machinery and insects, leasing and selling all kinds of simulation machinery and insects, providing the planning, design, production and exhibition of simulation insects exhibition, insect museum, insect theme park and other projects. We have been engaged in the simulation machinery and insect industry for many years. We have rich experience in design and production, as well as professional and senior teams. With comprehensive, high-quality and intimate services, our customers are full of praise.

animatronic ant

The factory's simulation machinery and insects are all factory prices, with lifelike shape, flexible action, high-quality materials and affordable prices, they are loved and recognized by customers. We also provide after-sales service for the products, including the warranty period of 1 year for the overall structure and half a year for the electronic structure, in addition to artificial damage. During the warranty period, if the product is damaged, the factory will provide material repair free of charge. If there is any problem with the electronic parts, they will be returned to the factory for free replacement.

animatronic Cicada

Our simulation machinery and insect products are very rich, according to customer requirements, use site and environment factors, we can provide the corresponding scheme, which can be made after the customer is satisfied.