Were all dinosaurs oviparous?

Author: Percy | Publish time: 2019-05-30 | Views | Share:
People firmly believe that dinosaurs were oviparous, because the unearthed fossils of dinosaur eggs are reliable evidence. However, some scholars have studied the brontosaurus fossils (pelvic cavity), footprint fossils of the brontosaurus Group and some related data, and presented the viewpoint that the brontosaurus is oviparous. It is believed that instead of laying eggs, mother brontosaurus gave birth to babies  directly, just like today's elephants.

There is no definite conclusion as to whether brontosaurus was born in embryo or ovum. But it is worth mentioning that although most of the living reptiles are oviparous, a few are ovo-viviparous, such as snakes and lizards. Lchthyosaurs of the same age as dinosaurs were ovo-viviparous, and fossils of larvae of ichthyosaurs have been found in Germany.