Watch Animatronic Dinosaur Show in Dinosaur Theme Reataurant

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Dinosaurs are always the most attractive creatures over the world, some imaginations in our mind from Jurassic Park, not only from the movie but also from our imagination. Children may meet them a thousand times in their dreams, this is the magic of dinosaurs.

Nowadays, theme restaurant is becoming more and more popular, it must be boring if there no any interesting things in our life, but when you spare your time in a theme restaurant, exclude delicious food, enjoy the entertainment by attractive things, the best choice is the dinosaur. Guess in Jurassic, have a nice dinner with your family, and then some cute dinosaurs run from the jungle, singing and dancing together, what a marvelous experience! You’ll see animatronic dinosaur shows in some restaurant which bring more fun when you eat.

So, let’s see some examples:

Dinosaur Theme Restaurant in Hunan, China. This restaurant has a jungle, dinosaur theme road, when you enter it, a big T-rex is shouting to you “Come and Aten By Me”! And exactly, you are eating and enjoy delicious food in dinosaur ’s stomach under the big fossil! What a great experience.

dinosaur theme restaurant

dinosaur theme restaurant in China

Dinosaur Theme Park In Itay. The restaurant is situated in a well-known part of Italy and was a total hit as soon as it was opened with many life-size dinosaur models. The most attractive thing is that you are still watched by dinosaurs, you won’t know what will happen next second. Are you afraid to become their food? Many tables in their eggs, you can enjoy with your kids and say “ we are dinosaur babies”!

dinosaur theme restaurant in Italy

outdoor Triceratops head in dinosaur theme restaurant

Don’t miss these two restaurants if you are a dinosaur fan. They are well reputed and have garnered media attention.