Walking Dinosaur Ride for Children

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Walking dinosaur ride with multiple control modes is a popular interactive equipment for parks, shopping malls, events and exhibitions. With the adjustable speed and double safe braking system, our dinosaur rides are also suitable for kids 3-15 years old. The batteries of large capacity make our animal and dinosaur ride can run for a long time.

There are 3 kinds of rides which are differ from it’s working way.

Riding dinosaur is the most well-behaved one, he always stand at the same place, and will not move his step. He only rise his body up and down, pretending he is angry by making his voice, but the Children are smart as well, they know he will not attack them if they firmly grasp the handle of seat.

riding on Tyrannosauruc rex

Walking dinosaur is the kind-hearted one. He will not refuse Children’s requirement of moving, but he walk very slow in order to protect Children from dropping. Although he is really gentle, make sure that you sit tight and hold tight! Or he will punish those Children who are naught and sway on his back!

ride walking dinosaur

Dinosaur ride is youngest and active one! He move quickly and run from here to there. He can keep running for 4 hours and not tired at all! Fortunately he is the youngest with small body, it will be safe since he is only 0.7-0.8m in height. Anyway, please hold it tight when you ride it!

dinosaur ride

Although these 3 rides have their own temper, they all make great efforts to bring fun to Children. They are not only the rideable dinosaur, but also the good partner of Children.