Traveling Dinosaur Show

Author: McCollum | Publish time: 2018-06-30 | Views | Share:
animatronic dinosaur park  show

Traveling dinosaur show---means that some event planners, dinosaur enthusiasts, or some performance companies travel around their cities or even all over the world with their dinosaur properties, to show people kinds of wonderful performance. Usually their dinosaur properties including dinosaur costume, baby dinosaur puppet, dinosaur head mounted on their trucks, some advanced animatronic dinosaurs, also some animal costumes and related models.

Besides, the traveling dinosaur show could be both small and large-scale, but nearly all of them have plots, just like making a film. They make the dinosaur alive to teach kids something meaningful, to bring adults joy, or to help someone by charity, to make advertisement for shopping mall or estate sales etc.

One of famous dinosaur show is the “The receding dinosaurs” at The National Stadium in Beijing, China. The show tells the story of dinosaurs from prosperity to extinction. The picture is really shocking, many audiences forget their snacks during the 45-minutes show. Now the show is still well received, you can watch it if you are rightly plan to visit China recently.
Lastly, stealthily tell you that we Kanosaur partly participated in the Beijing dinosaur show.