To See History of Dinosaur By Dinosaru Fossil

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Why dinosaurs extinct is still a mystery, many scientists want to find some clue from the fossil.

The dinosaur fossil is a very attractive thing for all over the world, of course, so do we. We usually go to the dinosaur museum to see dinosaur fossils and feel how we human being small compared with a dinosaur.

Exact, we are a simulation dinosaur fossil makers, we usually shocked by dinosaur fossils, they have such big bonds, we can see the power of dinosaurs, it’s hard to survive from them.

life-size dinosaur skeleton for museum

The most powerful dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus, they have powerful hind legs and sharp teeth, we can get this information easily from tyrannosaurus rex fossils as follows:

Spinosaurus statue for indoor decoration

Another special type of dinosaur is spinosaurus with obvious long spines on the back, the function of spines is a mystery now too. But for sure, this is a feather of spinosaurus different with other dinosaurs.

Survey of dinosaurs are still remaining, we are one of them too.

How about you?