Three problems need attention for dinosaur park

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With the emergence of a variety of theme park projects, many operators of animatronic dinosaur park often ignore three problems, resulting in a very small flow of people in their park. Only by solving these problems, can we make the healthy and sustainable development of animatronic dinosaur park.
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1.How to attract parents to bring their children to play
At present, most of the animatronic dinosaur parks on the market have amusement equipment, which will be nearly 100 for several times. It's not a small expenditure for ordinary families. Moreover, after several times of playing, the freshness will not be favored by tourists. How should this be solved?

Animatronic dinosaur company suggests that we can properly open the indoor space, increase the experience of playing, design according to different ages, and make full use of new technology and leading equipment and facilities. Enhance the stickiness of consumers and maximize the stay time of tourists. If it's a small park, rotate the animatronic dinosaurs and update them appropriately to attract traffic.

2.How to avoid the similarity in the animatronic dinosaur park?
With the increasing number of animatronic dinosaur parks, similarity is inevitable. To solve this problem, first of all, we need to rely on multi industry cooperation to realize chain operation, not limited to the animatronic dinosaur, relying on operating together with other game playing equipment. Second, operators still need to do a good job in service quality, to ensure the quality of service so as to ensure that passenger flow does not lose, and can change different games and activities every day.
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3.How to maximize the use of park space?

Because many animatronic dinosaur parks can no longer meet the personalized consumption needs of tourists, many operators will take expanding the area as a competitive weapon. However, after choosing a large area, the driving force for passenger flow is not very ideal, and the high venue rent makes the operators overburdened.

In view of this problem, the animatronic dinosaur company suggests that reasonable site area should be carried out to give full play to its own advantages to improve passenger flow, which is an effective expansion. For example, the animatronic dinosaur park is combined with interactive projection technology, and tourists can also interact with the projection content.

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