Three principles for dinosaur ride

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With the popularity of China's amusement market, the animatronic dinosaur rides can be seen in amusement parks in various cities. The colorful and popular and entertaining dinosaur ride bring great happiness to tourists. Although many dinosaur rides are placed in a safe semi closed environment, the animatronic dinosaur ride has a certain degree of sports, in order to ensure a safer play, and These three principles must be followed.
animatronic dinosaur rides

一、No sharp objects
Before playing with riding dinosaurs, we should take out the sharp objects, including jewelry, keys and other items. After the riding dinosaurs are started, strong sports will make tourists swing back and forth, and these sharp objects are easy to cause certain harm to the players. Therefore, we must pay attention to take down the sharp articles and give them to the staff for safekeeping. As a manager, we should also play the role of management supervision, prevent accidents and start with details.
 dinosaur rides
Don't touch riding dinosaurs
In order to ensure the normal operation of the animatronic dinosaur ride, the circuit and power supply are embedded in the production, and some circuits are still very hidden. These parts have certain security risks for tourists. In particular, it should be noted that the dinosaur ride cannot be touched, because in play, the dinosaur ride will bite, and mechanical simulation will cause strong bite force, so for safety, do not touch the riding dinosaur at will to prevent danger.
ride on dinosaur
三、Age limit
In the operation, the age of tourists is limited by the dinosaur ride. Generally speaking, dinosaur rides are only used by tourists aged 6-40. Tourists too young can't keep balance in the shaking of dinosaurs. If tourists under 6 years old play the animatronic dinosaur ride, they must be accompanied by a guardian.