The world's largest dinosaur park with a history of 2 billion years

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There are so many magical places in this vast world. Some of them are the result of nature's artifice and some of them are the result of artificial labor. Today, I’d like to introduce a dry and barren land, which is actually a very magical world. It seems that people will not come here to survive anyway, but there are many secrets hidden in this land. If you travel to Canada, you must come to this World Natural Heritage Site and experience a particularly cool era of dinosaur domination.

dinosaur park

There is a world-famous dinosaur park near the Red Deer River in the southwestern corner of Alberta, Canada. The park has a strange terrain. The wilderness here is strange in shape, forming pillars, peaks, and overlapping colored rocks, as well as other strange landscapes.

biggest dinosaur park

The park's terrain was naturally formed 75 million years ago. Now, East Alberta is a large shallow seaside plain, once there were many amphibians like mammals, birds, dinosaurs and so on. When some animals die, their bones are buried in new layers of sand, and fossils are formed over time.

triceratops skeleton

It has been recognized as the world's largest concentration of dinosaur fossils since excavation began in the 1980s. It attracts a lot of visitors to be here and under this land, thousands of dinosaur bones are buried here, which is also the place where countless dinosaurs can sleep forever. Many complete dinosaur fossils can be seen here. Although these fossils can only be displayed, people can imagine how they survived, because the staff of the Dinosaur Museum will show their excavation work for reference. And if you are interested, you can even try to dig in person, which will be the most unique experience! Are you interested in going through the park? I'm sure you'll make it worthwhile!!

dinosaur fossil