The process of making large simulation animal model

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The large-scale simulation animal model is mainly to reduce all kinds of animals. Some extinct or unusual animals are presented by simulation silica gel technology. So, how are large-scale simulation animal models made? Now,KANOSAUR will reveal the process of making large-scale simulation animal models for you.
The first step of making a large-scale simulation animal model is to design the shape of the animal and mark the specific size of the animal. The excellent design drawings reduce the burden for the later workers and provide the production efficiency.
design pictures

The second step is the fabrication of steel frame structure. The steel is used to weld the chassis, and the main structure of animals is welded on the chassis. The fabrication of steel frame is an important step to ensure the firm product structure, and also the basis of the whole manufacturing process.

The third step is mechanical installation and debugging. Install the mechanical system at the welded joints of the base frame head, abdomen, etc. after installation, it needs to be debugged many times. In this way, the simulation animal can move like a real animal.

The fourth step is to simulate animal modeling. It is to wrap the base frame of the installed mechanical system with high-density sponge, and then cut and shape it a little according to the design drawing to make the general shape of the animal.
simulate animal modeling

The fifth step is to make skin texture. With fiber cloth, silica gel and other materials, the skin texture of the animal is made on the finished simulation animal model, and the finished simulation animal model is basically formed.
make skin texture

The six step is painting. According to the design drawing made by the customer, after the worker debugged the specific color with the pigment, he used the spray gun to paint on the skin of the simulation animal model.

The last step is to make details. There are only eyes, teeth and other details left in detail production. After these details are completed, the whole simulation animal model is completed.
animatronic robotic elephant

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