The meaning of dinosaur reserach

Author: Alvis | Publish time: 2019-05-21 | Views | Share:
Since the British village doctor Mantel discovered the tooth fossils of dinosaurs in 1822, people have been studying dinosaurs for about 200 years. In the meantime, the enthusiasm of scientists for dinosaur research has never been reduced. Especially in the past 30 years, dinosaurs have become the focus of discussion among scholars.
There are many researches on dinosaurs. Their morphological and physiological characteristics, living habits and lifestyles, geographical history distribution and geographical distribution, origin and evolution, and extinction reasons should be studied; what’s more, their living environment and burial environment should also be studied.

In addition, their genus, species classification and systematic classification need to be studied, to clarify their position in animal classification and so on. Although scholars have tried their best to explore and use new technical to help, the problem appears more and more, the original problem has not been clarified, and new problems have arisen. Even the idea that "dinosaurs are cold-blooded reptiles", which everyone has already recognized, is now being questioned and the replies of dinosaurs seem to be more and more suspicions, and the more suspicions, the more interested researchers are. And attracted more researchers. In fact, dinosaurs are just a kind of paleontology.

Scientists studying archaea usually have two main purposes: one is to serve biology and the other is to serve geology. From a biological point of view, the study of paleontology can make people understand the history of biological evolution, and thus a deeper understanding of the true face of earth history. From a geological point of view, paleontology can help people correctly divide the strata, carry out stratigraphic comparison and determine the stratigraphic era, and provide important clues for prospecting.
At the same time, paleontology is also an important basis for geologists to study paleogeography and paleoclimate. However, the study of dinosaurs, especially the study of the extinction of dinosaurs, should have another purpose: to find out what we need to learn from the sustainable development of humans and human society from the annihilation of dinosaurs.

The study of paleontology is a matter of a few paleontologists, but dinosaurs not same. Due to the magic and great charm of dinosaurs, not only paleontologists, but also experts in other disciplines and even artists and engineering experts have become researchers of dinosaurs. In particular, the discussion on the extinction of dinosaurs, especially the participation of scholars, all walks of life, very lively. Dinosaurs have undoubtedly become an important carrier for popularizing scientific and cultural knowledge, playing an important role in the growth of young people.