The Stage Play "Dinosaur Zoo" for Children

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-11-02 | Views | Share:

Recently, the popular science drama "Dinosaur Zoo" brought by the Australian universal group was staged at the Shanghai Children's Theatre, creating a vivid theater class for children to understand the mysteries of prehistoric creatures and nature.

animatronic dinosaur stage show

The stage show shows animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is huge in size and has a realistic appearance. The simulation Tyrannosaurus looks fierce, making children feel scared. When the animatronic T-rex stepped closer to the children, the children stepped back. Under the guidance of the stage staff, the children slowly accepted this fake Tyrannosaurus Rex.

animatronic t-rex

The dinosaur prop that best attracts children's interest is the dinosaur hand puppet. The cute little dinosaurs, under the control of the performers, made a series of actions that made the children laugh.

animatronic dinosaur hand puppet