The Magical Chinese Lantern Festival Lights Up the Night in Sugarloaf Mills

Author: Caroline | Publish time: 2018-12-21 | Views | Share:

The Illuminate Chinese Lantern Festival lights up the night at the Sugarloaf Mills.

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All the way from China, this brand new event is holiday fun for the whole family. Become immersed in a world of wonder and light as you wander through a maze of illuminated sculptures scaling nearly 30 feet tall. Explore the Forbidden City and meet the Terracotta Warriors before passing through the belly of the whale for a glistening look at life Under the Sea. Prepare to be awed by our dazzling acrobats, but don't forget to leave time to visit Christmas Village!

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Each lantern is handcrafted by masters from KANOSAUR, a leading brand of lantern from Zigong, China (the center of the country’s lantern heritage), using a tradition that extends back centuries. The lanterns are created using steel frames surrounded by colorful rayon “skins” and illuminated from within by LED lights. Additional mosaic-like displays are formed with small glass medicine bottles filled with brightly colored liquid to create peacock and ceramic dishes, spoons, and cups to create elephants sparkling in the fall air.

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Don’t miss this amazing lantern festival, this will be a wonderful events if you come with your family and friends!