The History of Chinese Lantern Festival

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Let’s introduce the history of Chinese Lantern Festival first. Chinese lantern is an important entertainment culture of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. It originated from Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty(About 2200 years from now on) who set up altars on the 15th day of the first lunar month to sacrifice the most noble God of Heaven at that time. Because it was held all night, it had to light all night, which was the beginning of the Chinese Lantern Festival.

chinese lantern dragon

Nowadays, the Chinese lantern are mainly used for celebrating the Chinese New Year Festival to show the local economy and culture. Many clients who ask the lantern from all over the world may concern the waterproof Chinese lanterns. Here we can tell you that nearly all of our lanterns are waterproof, special waterproof material will be paint on the surface. And waterproof bushings will be used to make the led lights waterproof.

chinese lantern animal

Another most concerned factor is that many clients ask for the Chinese lantern cost, we suggest you to prepare as more details as possible about your lantern festival first, then we can give you exacter proposal with excellent lantern them. The lantern cost are normally worked out according to the final complete theme.

chinese lantern elephant

Hoping this article can help you to learn about the Chinese lantern better, any sharing communication want to discuss with us, just feel freely to contact us.