The Brief History of Making One Dinosaur Model

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-06-06 | Views | Share:
dinosaur model

Nowadays lots of dinosaur models can be seen all over the world, such as Jurassic park, amusement park, resort, shopping mall etc. But do you know the developing history of making a dinosaur model. In 1988, in order to develop the characteristic tourism of Zigong city. Ceramics dinosaur model was created by Zigong Painting Academy. The ceramics dinosaurs were 20-30cm in length, the clay sculpture was burnt on special condition by fire to get the final dinosaur model. In 1992, an overseas Chinese in Taiwan decided to build a dinosaur theme to investigate at Zigong, then the mechanical dinosaur model was made. There were two kinds of technologies, the first one was inside steel frame with outside cement, the second one was inside steel frame with outside camel hair cloth. The turning point of making dinosaur model was happen in 1996, a Japanese simulation dinosaur company displayed their products at Chengdu city. Their dinosaur models were lifelike with soft skin, and Zigong started to learn the technology to make mechanical dinosaur model by steel frame and sponge. Based on more than 20-years experience and development, now the dinosaur model from Zigong owns lots of body actions and voice. And the dinosaur model towards intelligence.