The Basic Flow of Making Animatronic Dinosaur

Author: McCollum | Publish time: 2017-10-10 | Views | Share:
        Firstly, we should confirm the exact dinosaur you want according to your images or detailed description. And we will make the engineering drawing of the dinosaur, then make lofting with 1:1 proportion on the ground. Secondly, we will start the steel framing based on the lofting, and you can learn about the approximate shape of dinosaur. After installing those motors and cables, the key point is testing the steel frame for about one day. So as to ensure the whole frame work well. Thirdly, creating the muscle of dinosaur with high density sponge, and different body parts use different sponges. And the experienced artists will cut out the shape and skin texture, then brush glue on the skin and stick silk stockings on the skin to make the muscle strong and firm. After finishing 3 times glue, we will go on the final step---beautify the skin via pigment. Finally, we will test the dinosaur again for one days to guarantee it work well. Now, a vivid life size dinosaur is presented to his/her master.

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