The Appearance Of Simulation Dinosaurs In 1980's

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While making mention of Zigong, China, many people will associate with dinosaurs and lantern festival for the first time. So when and where did the simulation dinosaur industry originate?

animatronic dinosaur
 festival lantern

In 1988, Shawan hotel set up a tour company and developed the characteristic tourism products in Zigong. Nie Zetu, the general manager urged the dean of the art academy, Li Shaoduan to make ceramic dinosaurs as souvenir. Making a batch of twenty or thirty cm long ceramic dinosaur in Daan District, Zigong. Ceramic dinosaur with lifelike appearance and fine workmanship, the municipal government gave them to the guests, especially foreign guests as a gift.
In the winter of 1992, an overseas Chinese in Taiwan wanted to build Dinosaur Park in Zigong, and began to produce mechanical simulation dinosaurs after visiting Zigong city. This is the first Zigong simulation dinosaur company.

The earliest simulation dinosaur in Zigong had two kinds, one is the the sculpture with cement body and steel structure. Another one is steel structure with surface of camel hair. But it was hard, could not move. It could not give people a sense of oppression personally on the scene although it was very large.