T-rex dinosaur skeleton replica for museum decoration

Author: Percy | Publish time: 2019-03-01 | Views | Share:

We are so excited to get the feedback from one of our Columbia customers, they took some beautiful pictures about the dinosaur skeleton sculpture we made for their museum. And glad to hear that they are quite satisfied with the artificial dinosaur fossil -- A 11 meters full dinosaur skeleton of T-Rex.

Our dinosaur skeleton sculpture is made from fiberglass, and the color could be simulation fossil or customized, some of our customers even ordered the color to be golden to decorate the house. And we will prepare a steel bracket and rod for assembling the dinosaur skeleton, also the label with numbers will be prepared for you to easily assemble those skeletons.

museum ornament dinosaur skeleton sculpture for sale

Except the T-Rex faked fossil, we supply many other dinosaur skeleton sculptures, such as Triceratops fossil, Spinosaurus full skeleton, Stegosaurus skeleton, Raptor fossil etc. On the other hand, you can separate the skeleton into parts and bury them in the sand.