Simulation dinosaur enters the era of intelligence

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In recent years, with the rise of Internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other new intelligent technologies, it has provided a huge impetus for the development of all walks of life, and to a certain extent, it has also promoted the innovation of simulation dinosaur production. At present, many enterprises with insight and foresight have peeped into the role of the intelligent era in promoting the development of the whole simulation dinosaur industry with a keen perspective. Many enterprises also timely seize the development direction and adjust the development strategy. Let the simulation dinosaur manufacturing industry enter the bottleneck period to provide new momentum and glow with new vitality.
intelligence dinosaur
In 2018, in addition to continuous exploration on the road of technological innovation, the industry also faces greater challenges, that is, intelligence. With the continuous development of the industrial chain, product intelligence has become the benchmark of the industry, and simulation dinosaur production industry is no exception. In the future, if you want to achieve industrial upgrading, intelligence will become the only way to develop.

At present, intelligent industry has embarked on the journey, and there are applications in the products. For example, induction, face recognition, speech recognition, gesture recognition combined with simulation dinosaurs. Some achievements have been made in intellectualization.
intelligence  animatronic dinosaur

When it comes to intelligence, we have to mention the addition of AR / VR technology. In the aspect of the combination of physical simulation dinosaur and AR / VR technology, the industry is still blank. According to industry insiders, the combination of future AR / VR technology and simulated dinosaurs can bring immersive sensory experience to people's visual, auditory and tactile senses, which may be one of the main directions of the industry's intelligent development.

Intelligent interactive dinosaur simulation can also make users have a very good scene experience. When people interact with dinosaurs, create a scene to put people's emotions and feelings into it. On the other hand, interaction is also an important engine of intelligent progress. For example, based on the existing technology, it makes the simulation dinosaur more flexible and realistic. At the same time, in terms of hardware, it also needs to be constantly improved.
Intelligent interactive dinosaur simulation
Conclusion: Generally speaking, the era of intelligence is the general trend, which is an opportunity as well as a challenge for the simulation dinosaur production industry. Only by strengthening their own technology reserves and R & D, can major manufacturers catch up with the "intelligent era" and avoid going out in the future competition.