Safety standards for riding Dinosaurs

Author: Louisa | Publish time: 2019-11-05 | Views | Share:

Simulation riding dinosaur is a product that many scenic spots, amusement parks and market operators like very much. It can not only attract a large number of people, but also generate income for their own business. But the premise is to ensure the use of safety, then manufacturers in the production, these safety standards can not be less!

1. The physical load shall meet the requirements of 5-18-year-old consumers, and the maximum load shall not be higher than 150 kg. The maximum height is controlled below 2m, and the maximum movement range is controlled within 30 degree safety standard.
2.The steel frame made by the simulated riding dinosaur shall use the national standard, and meet the three high safety standards of high load, high strength and high torque in the use process, and shall be free of sharp objects on the surface. 

3. The internal cable is manufactured by the regular supplier with qualified inspection, and the copper (aluminum) core wire that needs to pass the national quality inspection is also selected to avoid short circuit caused by the internal cable quality problem.
4.The skin used in the production of the simulated riding dinosaur needs to be made of acid and nontoxic silicone collagen as the safety standard, and the toxic gas should be volatilized half a month after leaving the factory.

5. The mechanical transmission device, stroke positioning and limit device need to be carefully calculated within the range of reasonable safety standards. Avoid mechanical shaft fracture or jamming during use
6.All internal circuits made by the simulated riding dinosaur shall be insulated 99.9%, and the exposed part shall be wrapped with heat shrinkable tube or winding tube, so as to meet the safety standards of amusement equipment in China.
More than three start stop switches are set, including remote control start stop, tourists' self start stop and forced start stop switches.

Summary: because riding dinosaurs are directly facing tourists, they should also be responsible for the safety of tourists, not because it is a non-standard industry, the state has not yet taken regulatory measures to relax the general idea, and these safety standards cannot be less in the production of riding dinosaurs!