Safety requirements for simulated riding dinosaurs

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The simulation riding dinosaur must meet the industry standards to ensure the personal health and property safety of consumers, and its design and production standards should meet the corresponding safety technical regulations and safety technical requirements.
 riding dinosaur
1. The physical properties of the simulated riding dinosaur should meet the needs of consumers aged 5-18, with the height controlled below 2.5m and the maximum range of motion controlled within 30 degrees, and no sharp objects on the surface;
2. The structure of dinosaur steel frame shall be in accordance with national standards and meet the requirements of high-strength torsion during use;
3. The selected cable and copper (aluminum) core wire shall be inspected by the state, and the unstable voltage or short circuit of the line may cause fire;
simulation riding dinosaur

4. The silicone rubber for the skin of the simulated riding dinosaur is selected as the acid nontoxic standard.
5. The mechanical transmission device, hydraulic and pneumatic device, stroke and limit device and brake device shall be calculated carefully
6. The electrical and control parts shall meet the standards of amusement equipment in China, and there shall be no program collapse during use;
7. All internal circuits of the simulated dinosaur ride shall be 100% insulated, and the exposed wire ends shall be wrapped with heat shrinkable tubes;
8. Set more than three start stop switches, including remote control start stop, consumer self start stop and forced start stop switch;
simulated riding dinosaur