One Horse Statue, One Love

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-04-06 | Views | Share:
We always miss our relatives or friends when they are not with us. But we will recall them through their favorite things. Such as guitar, clothes, one picture or anything else related to them.
One day, an America client wanted to buy a horse statue. She told me her husband likes horse too much. But he can not see horses anymore —— he passed away because of cancer. She wanted to put the horse in her garden to miss her husband. She also hopes that his husband can see the horse in heaven. I understood her very much,so I recommended she can engrave a Chinese word "love" on horse. This horse will always belong to them, unique. She agreed.It is not only a horse statue, but also it delivered her love to her husband. 

horse statue

garden decorative horse statue