Ocean Dinosaur

Author: McCollum | Publish time: 2018-06-15 | Views | Share:
Deeply under the sea, there are many mystery buried and occurred.
There are many dinosaurs living in the depths of the ocean. And they are the overlords in the ocean, mainly including Ichthyosauria, Mosasaurus, and plesiosaurs.


Strictly speaking, they are not belong to dinosaurs. But people tend to call them as dinosaurs. Let me define dinosaur for you: Dinosaurs are collective names of reptiles that appeared in the Mesozoic (Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods). Extensive limbs, long tails, and large body are the portraits of most dinosaurs. They mainly inhabit the forest lands or open areas on the shore plain (or coastal plain). So those so called flying and swimming dinosaur are not strictly can be called as dinosaur.