Manufacturer of customized FRP cartoon display

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Looking for the manufacturer of custom FRP cartoon display? Go to KANOSAUR. The factory provides design and production of various models such as simulation dinosaur, simulation animal, simulation insect, dinosaur fossil skeleton, fiberglass display, monster model, etc., with professional design team, senior production team and excellent service team. Our products are mostly used in shopping malls, squares, scenic spots, museums, theme parks, cinemas and other places. They are the best choice for decoration, exhibition and viewing.
fiberglass animal statue

Fiberglass cartoon display is designed and produced by various cartoon elements, styles and personas, with lovely expression, bright color and fashionable appearance, which is loved by all ages. The factory's fiberglass cartoon is displayed in the production, with talcum powder, resin, fiberglass cloth and color as the raw materials, which are made by experienced workers by hand. It usually takes about 25 days to make a fiberglass cartoon display, from shaping, carving, drying to polishing and coloring, each step should be meticulous.

FRP cartoon display

The factory always adheres to the production concept of "inheritance and innovation" and "national and modern" to provide customers with the most needed products and services. Consult KANOSAUR for details, and customize the manufacturer of fiberglass cartoon display. We are looking forward to extensive cooperation with you!
fiberglass  cartoon sculpture