Life Size Cartoon Statues and Figure Statues for Amusement Park

Author: Percy | Publish time: 2019-02-22 | Views | Share:

Recently lots of friends from many areas asked for the Superhero statues, and mainly Superman statue, Iron Man statue, Storm Trooper statue, and Hulk-Buster statue. These statues belong to figure statues, so which means we are also specialized in many other figure statues, such as football players, celebrities, chief statues, cute boys statues, angles statues etc.

cartoon statues for sale

Some friends ask us if we will build 3D drawing first before starting the order, actually the cost of building 3D drawing is expensive, so generally we don’t build the 3D drawing. However, don’t worry about that. Because we will build engineering drawing and make clay or foam sculpture first, which is actually a 3D mold, you can instantly control the progress of your statues. What’s more, we can use machine to carve the mold if you need advanced statues with high precision.

A great deal of cartoon statues were created by us for amusement parks, entertainment parks or them parks, and your demand is our eternal pursuit.