Learn More About Winter Light Festival

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Almost a thousand years ago, we had a winter light festival. Usually, we hold the lantern festival during the Chinese Spring Festival, that is, in winter. All the relatives gathered happily during this time and everyone will go to the lantern festival because winter light festival means bid farewell to the old and welcome the new!

Winter light festival

Lanterns are made of steel, silk, LED bulb etc, so it can only use 3-6 months(More info view how KANOSAUR makes Chinese Traditional Lantern). Making a Chinese lantern costs a lot of money . The first reason is that all of them are handmade. It requires a very strict handcraft and it also cost much time. And the second reason is that represents Chinese culture. Culture is priceless.

use silk make the Chinese lantern

Now, Chinese lantern festival 2019 has already started, warmly welcome all the distinguished clients come to Zigong to enjoy the pageant!

Chinese lantern festival 2019