Learn About Real Dinosaurs By Animatronic Dinosaurs

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Influenced by movies such as the Jurassic World and Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs became animals that everyone feared and liked. Dinosaurs should not only exist on screens and books, but should also enter our lives. And we are a group of creators who bring dinosaurs to life.

What we produce is life-size dinosaur models for the major animatronic dinosaur parks, animatronic dinosaur exhibits and event show companies.

Jurassric park

Animatronic tryrannosaurus rex is the most popular dinosaurs not only because it is the protagonist in the movie, but also because it is the overlord in the entire terrestrial ecosystem.

life-size animatronic t-rex model

Animatronic stegosaurus is an herbivorous animal that lived in the late Jurassic. Its body is so big, like a bus. It has a huge row of bony plates on its back and a dangerous tail with four sharp spines to defend itself against predators.

Wes usually see Oviraptor holding eggs in hand and they are often mistaken for stealing dinosaur eggs, but in fact they are protecting dinosaur eggs.

The world of dinosaurs is very interesting. We can not only give you close contact with dinosaurs, but also let you know more about dinosaurs.