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Robotic dinosaurs refer to the use of modern scientific and technological means to use steel skeletons and soft foams to create a realistic dinosaur model with a certain mechanical device inside. They can be more intuitive and more vivid to let people know that dinosaurs have restored the ancient dinosaur era.

The dinosaurs have been from the earth for thousands of years. People can't see the real dinosaurs anymore, but once the earth tyrants always lead the modern people's thoughts. The advent of all the simulated dinosaurs can intuitively make people feel the dinosaurs dominated. The earth's male fly! At the same time, it also provides a basis for dinosaur science and people's leisure life.

Robotic dinosaur which would be a production prototype better engineered for a museum environment. There is a possibility that children one day would be able to view walking 3-D recreations of small dinosaurs. This development would also help in inspiring children to become scientists or engineers.

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