Krampus Animatronic Costume

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animatronic krampus

The story of Krampus can be dated back to 17th century Alpine/Eastern European lore. Krampus is Saint Nick's evil brother,which is said to be made of half goat, half demon with horns and fangs. It is said that during the Christmas season children go missing or are beaten with birch branches, they are then placed into a sack and taken to the Krampus’ lair where they are either tortured or beaten. On Dec. 6, St. Nick then treats the good children to delicious candy which is placed in their shoes while naughty children receive twigs or rods placed in their footwear.

Throughout the years, the story of the Krampus has spread across the world, however, some religions were not fond of the creature. Due to the Krampus’ the resemblance to the devil, the Catholic Church tried to banish celebrations during the 12th century. However, in recent years, the image of the creature is not often associated with negativity. Merchants make the animatronic krampus placing outside the shop, people also wear the krampus costumes and chasing civilians through the streets as devils. More and more people joined in on the legend.

krampus costumes

“You have the saint, you have the devil.” It taps into a subconscious macabre desire that a lot of people have that is the opposite of the saccharine Christmas a lot of us grew up with.The festivities are said to put people in touch with their animalistic side and also acts as an adult version of Halloween.