Introduction of Spinosaurus costume

Author: Percy | Publish time: 2019-05-27 | Views | Share:
More and more clients customize realistic Spinosaurus costume for events, performance, Halloween parties---scary Spinosaurus halloween costume...
 Here we’d like to introduce the Spinosaurus costume.

Firstly, the Spinosaurus costume can be divided into two kinds according to the appearance--- Legs-visible and legs-hidden. Easily understanding is that the operator’s legs could be visible and hidden due to structure of the legs of T-Rex.

Secondly, the Spinosaurus costume could be divided into two kinds according to the material. Now we can make the realistic Spinosaurus costume by two materials. One of them is silicone rubber, the other is specific cloth with the texture of skin. Then the weight of them are different.

Thirdly, nearly all of them are Spinosaurus costume adult, but some of clients want to make the costume suitable for kids. Generally we suggest to make it for adult only(The main concern is the safety while operating), the length is 3.5 m to 4 m. What’s more, if you need it to be bigger, that’s also available.

Lastly, some special customized functions could be added to the Spinosaurus costume, such as smoke from mouth, shinning eyes with lights.