Interesting Interactive Velociraptor Costume Scene In Malaysia

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-11-13 | Views | Share:

A group of tourists with strong curious heart enter the dinosaur maze, to explore the unknown surprise. Some pleasant laughing of kids appeared from the maze, but a few seconds later, suddenly a crime emerged with trampling from the maze, it seems to be they are scared by something. Those tourists are overlooking inside on tiptoe...What happened?

A few minutes later, the truth was uncovered, a fierce dinosaur rushed out to prey the tourists, they were escaping desperately, but some kids taking eggs in hands. That’s an interactive hidden-legged velociraptor costume scene created by one of our Malaysia customers, he arranged an event for a local real estate agency to attract tourists. Lots of animatronics dinosaurs, walking dinosaurs, dinosaur rides, dinosaur fossils, and some dinosaur dustbins were put into the event. Which attracted lots of tourists to be there, and the children stayed for long while finally, the event got the perfect effect.