Interactive Product Dinosaur Hand Puppet

Author: McCollum | Publish time: 2018-04-29 | Views | Share:
Do you expect to visit an exhibit which is full of vitality instead of a room full of showcase?

dinosaur puppets exhibition

The most important function of dinosaur products, in addition to being used as a display, is to interact with people. Besides the dinosaurs which have fixed movements and be placed in a fixed position, it’s a good idea to add some interactive dinosaurs in exhibit. Dinosaur hand puppet curled up in the arm of the operator, enjoying the warm touch of the children. Little kids are siting on the back of dinosaur ride, greeting with coming friends. The dinosaur costume opened their mouths to the visitors and roared. Some children were frightened to tremble. Some are curious but fear of come close to it. This kind of exhibition is really interesting, isn't it?