Inspiration for the design of blue Velociraptor costume

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Velociraptor "blue", named for the blue stripe running down her back is the result of experimentation by the park’s engineers to create a raptor that looked different from earlier raptors. Blue’s intelligence and empathy, particularly towards Owen and Claire, make her an especially rare dinosaur.

raptor blue

Velociraptor is the smartest specials of dinosaur. Blue is the smartest dinosaur of this specials. Although it is a fast-running, two-legged dinosaur, you can be at ease since it will not attack you. The Blue is sympathetic and will not do harm to human being.

Jurassric park walking raptor costume

The blue-and-white feathers, the enlarged sickle-shaped claw on each hindfoot, and the long tail, vivid texture on the skin, it seems that it is a real dinosaur. Oh dear, it is a super realistic dinosaur costume we made, which inspiration is from the Blue of Jurassic World. It is four meters in length, which is a life-size velociraptor costume.

walking with dinosaurs raptor suit

We can produce both hidden-legs Velociraptor suit and expose-legs walking raptor costume, which depends on the requirement of our clients. The height are customized according to client’s height as well.

Contact us freely if you would like to buy the Blue velociraptor costume for your dinosaur events.