How to make animatronic animal fur?

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The lifelike simulation animals are amazing. When we watch the appearance of the simulation animals, we will not only be curious about how they are made and what materials they are made of, but also be particularly interested in some simulation animals with fur. How to make animal fur? Do you want to know?
animatronic animal fur
Animals with fur are usually made of steel, molded into animals with high-density sponge, and then pasted with artificial hair. Therefore, it is very important to select the material of the fur of the simulation animal. Different types of animal use different artificial fur. There are long ones, short ones and all kinds of colors, which can be selected according to the animal pictures or restoration pictures. After selecting the fur material, use glue to paste the artificial wool on the sponge. In order to simulate animals to achieve realistic results, the paste process needs to be very careful.
simulation animals with fur

When the simulation animal with fur is pasting, it can't be pasted in large area, some need a small piece of paste, the whole process needs to be very careful. After careful production, the fur animals are lifelike in appearance, smart and natural in appearance. After the lifelike fur is added, the fake and the real make you unbelievable.
artificial animals with fur

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