How to choose a reliable manufacturer

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Before planning to operate Dinosaur Park, it is very important to buy animatronic dinosaurs. But in the face of a wide range of products and different manufacturers, how can we buy high-quality and cost-effective animatronic dinosaurs?

一、Judge whether the animatronic dinosaur manufacturer is normal
1. When contacting the manufacturer for the first time, you can search online to see if the manufacturer has any negative news. In addition, it is also necessary to see whether the operation qualification has relevant production scope. If not, it is likely to belong to shell company.
2. After further understanding of the company, you can ask the manufacturer to send some previous cases to see if the animatronic dinosaurs are exquisite and not rough. If the manufacturer doesn't even have the cases, most of them are new companies with little production experience.
3. When communicating with the salesperson, you can find out whether the salesperson has a detailed understanding of the products they sell, so as to judge whether the company is professional. If the salesperson does not answer the questions, you can see how informal the company is.

二、the quality of animatronic dinosaur
1. The quality can be distinguished from the material and workmanship to see whether it is solid and durable. The second is to consider and figure out the quotation gap of quality, and the last is to compare the details. If the price gap is not big, you can choose the details that are detailed. If necessary, market research should be carried out to understand the market price.
2. The quality of the animatronic dinosaur not only includes the hardware, but also depends on the quality of the software. The software includes the dinosaur control program and chips. If the program is not stable, the use of the animatronic dinosaur will often fail.

三、Whether the after-sales service is humanized
1. The reliable after-sales service of the manufacturer of animatronic dinosaur is very humanized and has a perfect after-sales service system. If there is any quality problem within one year, it shall be reported to the manufacturer in time, and the manufacturer will provide the damaged parts for replacement at the first time free of charge.
2. There is a problem with the animatronic dinosaur sold by the middleman, and the after-sales treatment is still to find the manufacturer. In this way, the after-sales cycle will be extended, and there will be a lot of variables. Therefore, kanosaur reminds you to know the reputation of the manufacturer before purchasing, so as to prevent unnecessary irritation after purchasing the animatronic dinosaur.