How to Protect the Lanterns during the Chinese Lantern Exhibition

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-09-06 | Views | Share:
Chinese lantern

Many clients requested for decorative props lantern (some of them called it lamp) to decorate their events or as props of their performance. And there’s different question for different usage, let’s analysis those noteworthy aspects during the lantern exhibition.

One of our clients from Netherlands ordered some lanterns for their big event in October, people gathering in crowds and groups appear at their excited event site, so they are worried about the safety---both audience’ safety and lantern itself. Because many fans will be much excited or even crazy during the wonderful performance, it’s easily to touch the lantern among the crowds. And it’s possibly somebody will burn the lantern by cigarettes. How to solve this kind of issue? Finally, we made a proposal that make the lantern hang up on the crossbeam of stage or tent. The steel wire was made as vines to decorate the lantern too, and make them strewn at random, looks with nice administrative levels. And another important factor is that we used flame retardant layer on the surface of lantern.

Suit one's measures to local conditions---Just tell us your requests and we will try the best to make best proposal for you.