How to Make A Realistic Gorilla Costume

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How to make a realistic gorilla costume?

Hand movement: we use the spring design to make sure that it can hold hand and loosen hand. Mouth movement: we use the spring design, actor can control the mouth to be opened or closed by his hand. Flexibility: we use the sponge with high density in the joints of gorilla, to guarantee the elasticity and flexibility of all joints.

real gorilla costume

Beside the advertising shooting, what are the other usage of gorilla costume?

Film shooting: it is the special effects material for film shooting. The advantages of gorilla costume for the film and television industry relative to 3D animation CG are that they can achieve relatively low cost and higher realism resolution. Stage performance: it is used widely in the drama and other Interactive performance,which attracts increased attention these years. Theme amusement park: it brings brilliant fun to children and also bring considerable profit to the merchants.

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