How to Identify the Quality of animatronic Dinosaurs?

Author: Louisa | Publish time: 2019-07-19 | Views | Share:
In recent years, the popularity of animatronic dinosaurs has promoted the development of many manufacturers. Due to the lack of industry quality standards, each manufacturer has its own production standards, resulting in uneven quality. For customers, How to Identify the Quality of animatronic Dinosaurs?

First, Look at the skin outside.
The skin of animatronic dinosaur is made of silica gel, which has good plasticity, high elasticity and mechanical strength, and can ensure that it does not crack all year round. High-quality dinosaur skin is made up of three different materials. It is soft, elastic and has strong anti-aging ability. Poor quality is the use of two layers of material, less than a layer of elastic fibers, forced extrusion may crack.

Second,Listen to the inside voice
At present, there are no standard motors for simulating dinosaurs. Different manufacturers use different brand model. High quality permanent magnet DC motor has the advantages of simple transmission, high power, load protection and energy saving. Even in high temperature, humid and cold environment, the sound of motor operation is only the sound of nourishing current. If the quality of AC motors is poor, the long-term use of enclosed space will be very hot.

Third, Weight
Because animatronic dinosaurs is not a highly sophisticated technology, it is appropriate to distinguish mass by weight. To put it bluntly, the heavier the weight, the more abundant the material, the better the quality. For example, the weight of a 4m dinosaur may be between 200 and 400 kg, because the thickness of the inner wall is different, resulting in different weights.

Traditional analog dinosaurs with infrared probe X2, remote control X2, control box X1 and control box waterproof rockery cover X1 are necessary for better dinosaur experience. In order to reduce the profit margin better, some manufacturers will save the control box waterproof rockery cover, which is more troublesome for users and make their shelter more troublesome, otherwise the water of the control box will directly damage the components.