How to Fabricate Fiberglass Dinosaur

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2017-10-12 | Views | Share:
Firstly, as the flow of fabricating the animatronic dinosaur, we should confirm the exact dinosaur you want according to your images or detailed description. And we will make the engineering drawing of the dinosaur, then make lofting with 1:1 proportion on the ground. Secondly, the clay sculpture, also a steel frame should be made to support the clay. After finishing the clay sculpture, you could learn about the basic shape of dinosaur. What’s more,we will create the muscle and skin texture of dinosaur by cutting and carving. After you confirm well the clay sculpture, we will start the molding with fiberglass. Brushing the resin and fiber cloth on the clay sculpture, finally take off the mold and finish the molding process. And then make the final product by repeating the molding process, and polishing the product perfectly. Lastly, painting the fiberglass dinosaur with pigment to present the craft work to you.

Fabricate Fiberglass Dinosaur